• SW4CH’15: call for papers

    28 Feb 15The first Semantic Web for Cultural Heritage workshop (SW4CH’15), in conjunction with ADBIS’2015 will be held in Poitiers, France on September 8-11, 2015.

    Nowadays, Cultural Heritage is gaining a lot of attention from academic and industry perspectives. Scientific researchers, organizations, associations, schools are looking for relevant technologies for accessing, integrating, sharing, annotating, visualizing, analyzing the mine of cultural collections by considering profiles and preferences of end users.

  • Fifth EAGLE International Event 2015

    17 Feb 15

    Photo by L.Sergius.Paulus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons (cropped)

    Use and Re-Use of Digital Cultural Heritage Assets – Interoperability, Repositories and Shared infrastructures is the fifth in a series of international events planned by EAGLE BPN.

    The event to be held on 11-12 March 2015  in Nicosia, Cyprus has been organised by Ariadne partner The Cyprus Institute in collaboration with Heidelberg University (Germany) and Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy).

    It is aimed at anyone interested in epigraphy (digital or non-digital) as well as to the establishment and diffusion of general best current practices for digital cultural heritage It seeks to cover many aspects of digital technology applied to inscriptions, from content to management and networking.

  • Visual Media Service launched

    23 Jan 15

    Visual Media Service home page

    ARIADNE is pleased to announce the first release of the ARIADNE Visual Media Service. End users may look at a variety of examples of 3D models, RTI images and also very high resolution images as well as contributing their own content for viewing.

  • SEAHA collaboration

    23 Jan 15

    PhD students from SEAHA working at ISTI-CNR

    On Jan. 22-23, 2015, PhD students from the University of Brighton visited CNR-ISTI for a short training course on CNR’s visual technologies, which include some recent results of the ARIADNE Project.  This visits comes as the first iteration of a training program agreed between CNR-ISTI and the UK project “SEAHA – Centre for Doctoral Training in Science and Engineering in Arts Heritage and Archaeology”.

  • CFA: Spring School

    7 Jan 15

    Screenshots of 3D modelling software

    Call for Applications: Gottingen Centre for Digital Humanities is inviting applications to its spring school on 3D Modeling and Reconstruction with Blender & Unity 3D.  The school will bring together 20 international students who are interested in learning how to model 3D objects, how to manage 3D data, and how to create virtual worlds in 3D. The school will be held on 2–6 March 2015 at the University of Göttingen in Germany.

  • CFP: Talk of Europe Creative Camp

    5 Jan 15The call for participation for the second CLARIN Talk of Europe creative camp is now open. The camp will be held 23-27 March 2015 at the Meerten Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and CLARIN will offer bursaries to all participants to cover full expenses of travel and hotel.  The deadline for submissions is 30 January 2015.

    The Talk of Europe – Travelling CLARIN Campus project aims to facilitate and stimulate pan-European collaboration in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Computer Science, based on the proceedings of the European Parliament. The proceedings are a rich source for humanities and social sciences researchers that focus on areas such as European History, integration and politics. The Talk of Europe (TOE) project team has made these available as Linked Data for reuse and research purposes. They contain the debates in the EP from July 1999 onwards, including all available translations in 22 languages. The creative camp intends to stimulate and explore this rich source by bringing together academics from the humanities, social sciences, computer science and related disciplines.

  • CFP: Digital preservation survey

    18 Dec 14The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) has launched an online survey to assess the current state-of-the-art in digital preservation practices. The survey explores the adoption of digital preservation approaches and technology.  OFP is interested to hear from a broad range of institution types and sizes to allow analysis of trends across the sector.

  • First 2015 call for applications

    17 Dec 14As part of its Transnational Access (TNA) activities, the ARIADNE project is offering researchers the opportunity to apply to participate in summer schools and individual training visits to carry forwards their own research.  For 2015, calls for applications will be opened every three months.

    The first 2015 call for applications is now open to 22 March 2015

  • CFP: TPDL 2015

    17 Dec 14The International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL http://tpdl2015.info/) constitutes a leading scientific forum on digital libraries that brings together researchers, developers, content providers and users in the field of digital libraries. TPDL 2015 will be organized by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) and it will be held in Poznań, Poland on September 14-18, 2015.

  • DARIAH-EU Survey: digital practices in the arts & humanities

    16 Dec 14The DARIAH-EU Web Survey on digital practices in the arts and humanities will remain open until 31st January 2015.
    The Web Survey has already gathered over 1,500 responses across Europe, but the organisers would like to gather as many responses as possible.  The more responses the more informative the insights to digital practices in the arts and humanities!
    On behalf of DARIAH-EU VCC2 on Research and Education and the Digital Curation Unit, “ATHENA” R.C