Presentations from the session: Open Access and Open Data in Archaeology: Following the Ariadne Thread

1 September 2016
Vilnuis, Lithuania

Requirements for Open Sharing of Archaeological Research Data

Presentation by Guntram Geser
Salzburg Research

Antiquarians in the 21st Century: Opening up our data

Presentation by Emma Jane O’Riordan and Erin Osborne-Martin
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, UK


Beyond the Pale: grey literature as a method of publication

Presentation by Dr. Evans, Tim
Archaeology Data Service (ADS), UK


Legacy data and archaeological archives in Europe and North Africa

Presentation by Elizabeth Fentress
Associazione Internazionale di Archeologia Classica/International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC), Italy


Integrating Data for Archaeology

Presentation by:
Dimitris Gavrilis and Eleni Afiontzi
Digital Curation Unit – IMIS, Athena Research Center
Johan Fihn and Olof Olsson
Swedish National Data Service 
Achille Felicetti and Franco Nicollucci
PIN, Italy
Sebastian Cuy
German Archaeological Institute 

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Linked Open Data Approaches within the ARIADNE Project

Presentation by Holly Wright

Archaeology Data Service (ADS), UK