The Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI) is a Research Institute with a long-term tradition and manifold activities around the world. The DAI is installed within the German Federal Foreign Office with its central office in Berlin and several sections within Germany and abroad (e. g. Athens, Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Cairo Jerusalem, Amman, Damascus, Bejing). Classical field research, architectural and antiquarian studies are the core competences of DAI. DAI is involved in the conception, development and organization of Propylaeum, a virtual specialised library in classical and ancient studies. DAI’s image-database iDAIimages/ ARACHNE run together with the currently provides open access to more than 300.000 images and additionally a large amount of other sources and documents of archaeological context. Additionally DAI is participating the EU-funded CARARE-network, which has established a service to make available Cultural Heritage data to  EUROPEANA. A cooperation between Boston Tuft’s University, CoDArchLab and DAI works on the interoperability of iDAIimges/ARACHNE and the American Perseus Digital Library. DAI is partner of CLAROS – Classical Art Research Online Services – developed by European research and university institutions. DAI is also partner of the EU-project Digital Research Infrastructures for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH). DAI coordinates the national research project “digital infrastructure in the antiquity sciences” (Informationsinfrastrukturen in den Altertums-wissenschaften) in Germany funded by “Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft“.

The Roman Germanic Commission (RGC) was founded 1902 by the German Archaeological Institute (DAI). One of these sections is the RGC in Frankfurt/Main. The Commission is carrying out research on prehistory and early history and to promote and publish principally on Old Europe. RGC maintains international contacts with universities, museums and heritage preservation trusts. The Commission is engaged excavations, survey-projects, projects exploring new methods in archaeology. RGC is partner of several national and European research projects, as e.g. “Archaeology in Contemporary Europe” ACE promoting contemporary archaeology at a European wide level for the wider public. RGC is coordinator of the EU-project ArchaeoLandscapes addressing Europe-wide standards in modern surveying and remote sensing techniques. Its aim is o establish a self-sustaining European network to support its use.

Role in the project 

DAI provides competences derived from running the digital image library iDAIimages/ARACHNE which has been developed together with CoDArchLab (Univ. Köln). This is interoperable with CIDOC-CRM and Dublin-Core-Standard. DAI introduces its modular database iDAI.field to a wider public and develops its interoperability with other systems. RGC will provide competence in GIS-based landscape archaeology. Moreover both institutions maintain a large amount of different archaeological datasets

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