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Pistoia, Italy

VAST2014, will address the theme of Virtual Research Environments, i.e. “innovative, web-based, community-oriented, comprehensive, flexible, and secure working environments conceived to serve the needs of modern science” in the domains of humanities, cultural heritage and archaeology.

Postponed until December 2014

“This conference was initially planned for 25-26 September 2014. Due to the clash with another important event organized by the European Commission, the organization committee decided to postpone the symposium to December 2014. This listing will be updated when dates become available.”(VAST)

The VAST series of international symposia started in 2000. So far it has focused on visualization and 3D, with a significant space for semantics. The concept of Virtual Research Environments (VRE) seems at present to incorporate all these technological applications, and more, into an innovative coherent eco-environment.

VAST2014 will address the VRE theme, bringing together a number of invited experts in the various disciplines that compose the broad domain of humanities, cultural heritage and archaeology, furthermore accepting a limited number of contributions from the research community. Above all, the symposium will allocate half of the time to discussion. Participants will try to answer to questions such as: What have VREs for humanities and CH in common with VREs for other disciplines and in what do they differ? What are the requests of the relevant research communities? What could be the overall design of a VRE for CH? Which tools are ready for integration in this “big picture”? Which components are still lacking? How will the traditional research methodology change?

The conference proceedings will be published on-line by the conference date, and will be printed later in a revised version with a major scientific publisher.

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