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The 2014 TOTh Workshop is organized by the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels as part of the European Project AthenaPlus.

The event will take place in Brussels, at the Cinquantenaire Museum, Parc du Cinquantenaire 10, on 5 December 2014.

The ever-increasing amount of open data and linked data raises questions concerning its access in a multilingual context. Due to the diversity of the collections, of the institutions that manage them, of the public that has access to them and of the technologies currently available, it is necessary to rethink the notions of thesaurus and terminology, as well as the ways to manage and access these collections.

Topics addressed by the TOTh 2014 Workshop include:

  • Principles, Theories and Methods: Thesauri, Terminology, Ontology, Controlled Vocabulary, Semantic Network;
  • Embracing and Managing Multilingualism;
  • Mapping, Alignment and Harmonization of terminologies, thesauri, ontologies;
  • Indexing and Research;
  • The compatibility of the ISO and W3C Standards concerning terminology, thesauri, knowledge systems and interchange format;
  • Impact and contributions from new domains and technologies connected to Knowledge Engineering and the Semantic Web;
  • Software Environments.

Special attention will be given to the issue of cultural content management.

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