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Istanbul, Turkey

TKB Second Floor, Room 303

Session Organizer: Holly Wright
Chair: Achille Felicetti

09:00-09:20    Achille Felicetti         Mapping Existing Datasets to CIDOC-C/RM0
09:20-09:40    Roberto Scopigno      2D/3D Documentation for Archaeology
09:40-10:00    Carlo Meghini            Design of Archaeological Datasets
10:00-10:20    Nestor Tsirliganis       Scientific Data and Metadata in Archaeological Research
10:20-10:40    Discussion

EAA Round Table: T02S030 Opportunities within the ARIADNE Network

 Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking (ARIADNE) is a four-year EU FP7 Infrastructures funded project, made up of 24 partners across 16 European countries. ARIADNE has the ambitious goal of “bringing together and integrating existing archaeological research data infrastructures, so researchers can use the various distributed datasets and new and powerful technologies as an integral component of the archaeological research methodology”. A fundamental component in meeting this goal is the provision of transnational access to a wide variety of European archaeologists. To realize this, online access opportunities are being developed, but funding will also be provided for on-site training with our technical partners. Please join us for presentations and discussion about the ARIADNE project, including details about our upcoming training programs. This will be a rare opportunity to work directly with the staff designing the infrastructure, including PIN at the University of Florence at Prato, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) in Pisa, Athena RC – Digital Curation Unit (DCU) in Maroussi, and Athena RC – Cultural and Technology Institute (CETI) in Xanthi. Technical staff will be on hand to present information about the training (including logistical details and application procedures), to discuss the goals of the project and answer questions.

Oral presentations

1) Mapping existing datasets to CIDOC-CRM

Author: Franco Niccolucci
Speaker: Franco Niccolucci
Affiliation: PIN, University of Florence
City: Prato, Italy
Contact E-mail: franco.niccolucci@gmail.com

2) 2D/3D documentation for archaeology

Author: Roberto Scopigno
Speaker: Roberto Scopigno
Affiliation: Visual Computing Lab (VCLab), Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione (CNR-ISTI)
City: Pisa, Italy
Contact E-mail: roberto.scopigno@isti.cnr.it

3) Design of archaeological datasets

Author: Carlo Meghini
Speaker: Carlo Meghini
Affiliation: NeMIS Lab,Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell’Informazione (CNR-ISTI)
City: Pisa, Italy
Contact E-mail: carlo.meghini@cnr.it

4) Scientific data and metadata in archaeological research

Author: Nestor Tsirliganis
Speaker: Nestor Tsirliganis
Affiliation: Cultural and Educational Technology Institute (CETI), of ATHENA-Research and Innovation Center in Information, Communication  and Knowledge Technologies Institutes.
City: Xanthi, Greece
Contact E-mail: tnestor@ipet.gr