London, UK

The 13th European NKOS workshop will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 11th and  morning  of Friday 12th September as part of JDL 2014 (joint JCDL/TPDL conferences) in London.

The 2014 NKOS workshop has a session on mapping between vocabularies (potentially relevant to ARIADNE WP3, WP12, WP15) and that early bird registration ends on Friday 8th August (http://www.city.ac.uk/digital-libraries-2014/registration).  Please make a note that it is for NKOS workshop.

A provisional list of presentations is now available for the 2014 NKOS workshop at:https://at-web1.comp.glam.ac.uk/pages/research/hypermedia/nkos/nkos2014/programme.html