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Fremantle, Western Australia

The Sixth International Congress on Underwater Archaeology (IKUWA6) will be hosted by the Western Australian Museum.

The year 2016 marks the anniversary of a number of significant events for Australia as well as overseas nations, not least of which is the 400th anniversary of the first recorded landing by a European in Western Australia and is, thus, an important celebration of shared heritage for Australia and the Netherlands, England and France.

The conference theme Celebrating Our Shared Heritage will support a broad, internationally focused agenda and offers a great opportunity for IKUWA to reach new audiences, stamp its mark on the Asia-Pacific region and exchange research, knowledge and ideas with international colleagues from around the world.

IKUWA6 will celebrate and explore the issues of shared heritage, crossing cultural, geographic and political borders. This will be the first time that IKUWA is held outside of Europe.

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