Florence, Italy

FORTMED 2016 is the International Conference on Modern Age Fortifications of the Mediterranean coast. The call for abstracts deadline is 15th March.

FORTMED’s main objective is the exchange of knowledge and sharing for the better understanding, assessment, management and exploitation of culture and heritage that developed on the Mediterranean coast in the modern age, taking into account the wide distribution of these results.

The Conference has an interdisciplinary aim where architects, engineers, archaeologists, historians, geographers, geologists, cartographers, heritage managers, tourism experts, experts in restoration-conservation and promotion of heritage will participate. The idea is to provide a more inclusive, more real and more up to date views, leading us to the point where we could find the investigations of this matter, in the twenty-first century.

The theme is centered on the fortifications of the western Mediterranean (Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, etc…) in the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, although it does not exclude other countries and other fortifications from this era.

The conference will take place at the Dipartimento di Architettura (DiDA) of the Florence University (UNIFI).
Further information: Conference website.