EAA 2015 Logo

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) represents archaeologists and heritage professionals from across Europe. The Annual Meeting has become established as the premier archaeological conference in Europe and the 21st Annual Meeting will be hosted at the University of Glasgow in September 2015.

We look forward to welcoming c. 2,000 delegates to the EAA Glasgow 2015. It will be the first, biggest and best cultural heritage event ever to take place in Scotland and we have commemorated this by designing a special tartan entitled Ancient Gathering. The EAA Glasgow 2015 will be a marketplace for ideas and is an excellent opportunity to share Scotland’s rich, diverse and unique cultural heritage with an international audience. Scotland is also the perfect stage for the EAA’s Coming-of-Age celebrations!

Six key themes define the framework for the EAA Glasgow 2015. Session organizers are encouraged to submit their proposal under the theme that most closely aligns with their research.  Submissions that do not fit comfortably into these can be considered under Additional Themes, such as ‘Interpreting the Archaeological Record’, ‘Managing the Archaeological Record’ or ‘Methods & Theory’.

For more information see: http://eaaglasgow2015.com/