Digital Heritage is Europe’s largest international scientific event on digital heritage in history, bringing together hundreds of researchers, educators, scientists, industry professionals and policy makers to debate, discuss and present digital technology applied to the protection, documentation, and understanding of humanity’s shared heritage. It will be held in Marseille, France.

Conference website:

Organized by CNRS (french National Center for Scientific Research) on behalf of the MAP Laboratory, in collaboration with local research institutions Provence (Aix-Marseille University, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, CICRP, School of Architecture and INRIA), the Congress will be held  in  Marseille, France, the 2013 European Capital of Culture. The venue will be Marseille’s architecturally stunning new waterfront museum complex (the restored Fort Saint-Jean and adjoining new  MuCEM and La Villa Mediterranée).

Encompassing the leading scientific events in digital heritage:
VSMM2013 – 19th Int’l Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia
 GCH 2013 – 10th Eurographics Symposium on Graphics and Cultural Heritage
 MEMORY OF THE WORLD  – 2nd UNESCO Int’l Conf. on Memory of the World in the Digital Age
plus two major public exhibitions:
ARCHEOVIRTUAL – 7th Exhibition on Virtual Archaeology and Museums
DAW – 7th Digital Art Week
and complemented by regionnal and special events:
ARQUEOLOGICA 2.0  – 5th Int’l Mtg. on Archaeology, Graphic Informatics, Cultural Heritage & Innovation
CIPA 2013 Special Workshop— ICOMOS/ ISPRS Heritage Documentation Workshop
CAA Fall Symposium – Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
– Special Workshop on Remote Sensing in Archaeology
ICOMOS Digital Interpretation Panel — ICOMOS Int’l Committee for Heritage Interpretation & Presentation
MUSEUM & TECHNOLOGY special session organised by V-MUST.NET
as well as numerous European Project meetings and workshops:
EU PROJECTS special workshops ( V-MUST.NETDARIAH3D-ICONSArcheolandscapes LinkedHeritage , ATHENA+)
In cooperation with:
IEEE Computer Society
 EUROGRAPHICS – European Association for Computer Graphics
Best Papers Invited to be published in ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage
Under the patronage of:
UNESCO Culture Sector and Communications & Information Sector
French Ministry of Culture
Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
And with the support of
CNRS– French National Center for Scientific Research
V-MUST.NET– EU Virtual Museum Transnational Network of Excellence