Venue: Mérida, Spain

The 18th International Congress of Classical Archaeology will be held in Mérida in May 2013. On this occasion the slogan will be “Centre and periphery in the ancient world” it will be jointly organized by the National Museum of Roman Art, the Government of Extremadura Department of Education and Culture and the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology.

The congress scientific program is divided into different sessions organized by thematic blocks taking as a reference the subject chosen for the conference: “Centre and periphery in the ancient world”. The themes include:

  • Classical archaeology. The new technologies, analytical methods and dissemination techniques.
  • Landscape archaeology. Natural resources.
  • The indigenous world. Cultural substrata and colonial impacts.
  • Mediterranean Koine. Carthaginians, Etruscans, Iberians.
  • Greeks in the Mediterranean. Centres, factories and trade.
  • The Hellenisation of the ancient world. Rome.
  • Communication routes in Greece and Rome: routes and infrastructures.
  • Public spaces and buildings in the Greco-Roman world. Models and diffusion.
  • The domestic habitat in the classical world. Types.
  • Necropolises and funerary monuments in Greece and Rome.
  • Artistic and artisanal productions in the classical world. Workshops.
  • The architectural models of Rome and their impact on the provinces.
  • The image of the emperor and power. How they were received in the urban centres.
  • Iberia and the Hispaniae.
  • The transformation of the town and countryside in late antiquity.

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