The focus of the 18th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, Austria. is “Urban Archaeology and Correct Documentation”. The program is available here:

Documentation of archaeological and cultural heritage sites is at the heart of the archaeological process and an important component in cultural heritage research and presentation. It is an essential step without which interpretation and analysis are not possible.

As part of this event, is the session “Infrastructures and services for sharing of archaeological documentation” which is one of the key objectives of ARIADNE. The session is being chaired by two members of the ARIADNE network, Edeltraud Aspöck and Guntram Geser, Austria and takes place on Wednesday, November 13th, 09:00-16:40. Ten of the fourteen papers accepted are from ARIADNE partners as follows:

  • Edeltraud ASPÖCK / Guntram GESER, Austria: What is an archaeological research infrastructure and why do we need it? Aims and challenges of ARIADNE
  •  Anja MASUR / Keith MAY, Austria / UK: Comparing and mapping archaeological excavation data from different recording systems for integration using ontologies
  •  Martin DOERR / Gerald HIEBEL; Greece/ Germany: Developing common European archaeological concepts through extending the CIDOC CRM within ARIADNE
  •  Hella HOLLANDER, The Netherlands: The e-Depot for Dutch Archaeology – Archiving and publication of archaeological data
  • Ulf JAKOBSSON; Sweden: Swedish National Data (SND) services, the OAIS reference model and archaeological data
  • Panos Constantopoulos / Costis Dallas, Greece: DYAS: The Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities
  • Michael CHARNO / Julian RICHARDS; UK: Crossing Borders: International Interoperability at the ADS
  • Anthony CORNS / Robert SHAW, Ireland: Integrating archaeological remote sensing data within SDI and INSPIRE frameworks
  • Roberto SCOPIGNO / Matteo DELLEPIANE, Italy:  Which infrastructure support for visual data creation, archiving and visualization?
  • Costis DALLAS / Dimitris GAVRILIS, Greece: The ARIADNE interoperability framework, component architecture and registry service

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