Rome, 7th February 2013

Biblioteca Nazionale – Viale Castro Pretorio 105

9:00     Registration

9:30     Opening of the session

  •             Welcome by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities (MIBAC)
  •             Antonia Pasqua Recchia, Secretary General of the Ministry
  •             Luigi Malnati, Director General of the Directorate for Antiquities
  •             Long-term preservation: DCH-RP Rossella Caffo, ICCU

10:30   Presentation of the FP7 Research Infrastructure European Program, Maria Theofilatou, Project Officer

10:50  The ARIADNE project

  •           The ARIADNE Project   Franco Niccolucci, Project Coordinator
  •            The Wider Context    Julian Richards, Deputy Project Coordinator

11:30   Break

11:50   ARIADNE and the European archaeological community

  •             Peter Biehl, Member of the Executive Board of the European Association of Archaeologists

12:15   ARIADNE and other Infrastructure projects for the humanities

  •             Tobias Blanke, Member of the Board of Directors of DARIAH
  •            Introducing EHRI, Conny Kristel, Director of EHRI
  •            CENDARI, Jennifer Edmond, Coordinator

13:00   Conclusions

  •             Franco Niccolucci, Project Coordinator

 13:15   Lunch