APARSEN Training Event – Trust and Digital Preservation,
Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin

The APARSEN www.aparsen.eu  project is delighted to announce that registration has opened for our first training event, held in association with the Digital Repository of Ireland and organized by the Digital Preservation Coalition, on the topic of ‘Trust and Digital Preservation’.

Long established as a key issue for those engaged in digital preservation, the training will examine how to establish ‘trust’ in preservation processes, actions and institutions from a number of different perspectives, based partly on the emerging findings of the APARSEN project and with contributions from leading practitioners and researchers. The workshop is a distinctive addition to digital preservation training activities in Europe.  It is intended for managers and staff already working in digital preservation.  It assumes a working knowledge of existing standards like the Open Archival Information System – OAIS as well as an understanding of how issues of preservation apply to their own institution.

The first day, presented in a workshop format, will include presentations from the APARSEN project on its work on the audit and certification of repositories, and the capture and maintenance of authenticity and provenance information for digital objects. Presentations from guest speakers will also examine trust in relation to data sharing and reuse, and establishing trust in digital preservation practitioners. Attendees will also be encouraged to participate actively in a panel discussion on the topics covered.  Day one is intended for researchers, practitioners and managers looking for a practical introduction to latest thinking on the topic of Trust in digital preservation.  It will help them evaluate options, understand emerging trends and make informed recommendations for action.

The second day will be a ‘deep dive’ into the issues of certification, authenticity and provenance, providing practically focused training on each topic. This will include more detailed and more presentation and discussion of emerging trends and case studies derived from the APARSEN project, and will make use practical exercises.  Day two is intended for practitioners seeking to implement practical solutions or seeking to improve existing workflows in their institutions.

Sponsored by the European Commission, participants are welcome to attend the first day only (£25) or both days (£40).

Registration is now open via the APARSEN or DPC website:



This training event is co-funded by the European Community’s 7th Framework Program for Research and Development FP7/2007-2013 – ICT-2009.4.1: Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation (grant agreement No 269977), APARSEN.