OREA Team at PIN for TNA

OREA Team at PIN for TNA

During 2016 PIN has been offering TNA to visiting researchers as individuals and also as teams.

Each researcher and research team has brought a project and/or dataset with them to map to the CIDOC-CRM (and other related extensions). The variety in these projects demonstrates both the flexibility of the CRM and the increase in its use.

Some examples of the projects include:

  • a study of ancient metallurgy and the related human interaction during the Bronze Age by integrating archaeological and geographical data with quantitative data from chemical and spatial analysis,
  • The investigation of the English landscape and the dietary behaviour in Prehistory and the Middle Age requiring integration of artefacts, historic maps and chemical analysis data,
  • A solution for terminological and conceptual problems in Mortuary Archaeology for OREA by using CIDOC CRM concepts to describe events and actions related to grave-reopening activities,
  • The experimental use of the new CIDOC CRM extension specifically designed for epigraphic entities (CRMepi) on Sicilian ancient inscriptions and the mapping of EpiDocelements to CIDOC CRM classes.

Other projects concerned integrating research data resources relating to prehistoric Cretan village buildings, Neolithic Greece and Western Anatolia, cultural heritage information related to Cyprus and archeometrical data from medieval glassy objects.

More information on the CIDOC-CRM training at PIN can be found at: http://www.ariadne-infrastructure.eu/Transnational-Access/2016-TNA-Call