Join ARIADNE to continue the discussion on Open Access and Open Data in Archaeology, you will find us at:

EAA 2016

Thursday 1st September

Faculty of History, Room 218, Vilnius University.

The session, which has been organised by Holly Wright and Julian Richards of the University of York, with Frank Siemund of Universität Düsseldorf and Guntram Geser of Salburg research, focusses on the impact of opening up archaeology data for the research community.

The session includes papers by:

Guntram Geser: Requirements for open sharing of archaeological research data

Gabriele Gattiglia: The reputation effect

Emma Jane O’Riordan and Erin Osborne-Martin: Antiquarians in the 21st century: Opening up our data

Dr. Tim Evans: Beyond the Pale: grey literature as a method of publication

Elizabeth Fentress: Legacy data and archaeological archives in Europe and North Africa

Edeltraud Aspöck: Digitizing early farming cultures: integrating resources

Valeria Boi: The SITAR Project (Rome) – achieving interoperability and opening data

Dimitris Gavrilis: Integrating data for archaeology

Holly Wright: Linked Open Data approaches within ARIADNE

The session is sponsored by ARIADNE and follows on from sessions at EAA 2015 and 2014 on the “Barriers and opportunities: Open Access and Open
Data in Archaeology”. ARIADNE is working to bring together archaeological research data from across Europe, for use and re-use in new research. Open access to research publications and data is core to this endeavour.

EAA 2016

The 22nd annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists is being held in Vilnius from the 31st August to 4th September at Vilnius University.  Founded in 1579, Vilnius University is one of the oldest and most famous establishments of higher education in Eastern and Central Europe.  The conference is being held in the old campus in the heart of Vilnius.  For more details about the conference: