The ENUMERATE Core Survey 3 is open for participation and alll European cultural heritage institutions are encouraged to contribute. The survey includes questions about digitisation efforts, available collections online and offline, policy on digital collections, sustainability and costs. The survey is distributed among thousands of institutions across Europe.

The more institutions participate, the more reliable the results – thousands of cultural heritage institutions participated in the first two editions. The third edition of the survey will be available from February 27 to the end of March.  ENUMERATE asks institutions to to share relevant key indicators (anonymously) and in return will  share the (anonymised) results with all participating organisations.


If you are interested in an example of the ENUMERATE survey results you can  test one of the indicators – the extent to which your analogue collections have been digitised – and check the performance of your institution against others see: http://enumeratedataplatform.digibis.com/benchmark/

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