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The 21st Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, CHNT-2016, will take place on November 16-18, 2016, in Vienna, Austria. ARIADNE will be conducting a session and a round table at this event.

The Call for Papers is at: and is open until the 12th June.

ARIADNE is hosting two events as follows:

a) Session: “Preservation and Re-Use of Digital Archaeological Research Data with Open Archival Information Systems

Chairs: Valentijn GILISSEN, The Netherlands | Reiner GÖLDNER, Germany | Hella HOLLANDER, The Netherlands | Maurice HEINRICH, Germany | Julian RICHARDS, UK | Felix SCHÄFER, Germany

b) Round Table: Long-term preservation and access: Where is an archive for my data?

Organisers: Edeltraud ASPÖCK | Guntram GESER, Austria

Note: The round table is connected to the session, providing an opportunity for more discussion. The following questions will be addressed:

  • How have repositories for archaeological data been developed, e.g. political, organizational and other drivers (exemplary cases from different European countries)?
  • How is archaeological data different to data in the other humanities and hence has ‘special’ requirements?
  • What options are there for long-term archiving of archaeological data if there is no appropriate national archive?