VAST-LAB are organising a workshop which will run within the framework of the TPDL2015 Conference in Poznań, Poland on 17 September, 2015

The goal of the workshop is to present, discuss and take stock of the developments of the CIDOC CRM in a number of domains. The importance of CRM in heritage-related digital libraries and dataset infrastructures is confirmed by the increasing number of cultural heritage institutions and research projects adopting CRM and its extensions to foster datasets interoperability. Recently various extensions have been presented, for example to incorporate geographical concepts, digital provenance, scientific applications, archaeology, built structures and scientific reasoning. On the other hand, CRM has proved to be pivotal to natural language processing of heritage datasets, gazetteers and thesauri, linked open data and other methods for the use and re-use of dataset collections for digital humanities, history and archaeology.

Workshop format:

The workshop is organized as a half-day event, from 13.30-18.00.

  • A position paper prepared by the organizers will present a critical survey of the current status of the CRM
  • Up to 10 papers, presented in 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion


Scholars currently contributing to the development of CRM extensions and applications as well as researchers who are currently using and adapting CRM to specific domain needs or that are developing tools and systems using CRM are invited to send their contribution and results on the following (and related) topics:

  • CRM extensions for special uses
  • Using the CRM in specific domains or subdomains
  • Mapping existing metadata schemas to the CRM
  • Mapping repositories and tools
  • CRM and other documentation standards
  • Using CRM for gazetteers and thesauri
  • Using CRM in Linked Data
  • CRM and Natural Language Processing
  • Formalization of CRM
  • Querying, searching and faceted browsing of CRM repositories
  • Reasoning with CRM

Other CRM-related topics may be considered as well.

Paper submission deadline: July 20, 2015

Visit VAST-LAB for information of submission or papers, important dates and details of the organising committee.