The call for papers for CAA 2015 is now open!  The conference will explore a multitude of topics, amongst which is the session proposed by ARIADNE “Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data”.  We would like to invite paper proposals for this session.

The 43rd Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology Conference, “KEEP THE REVOLUTION GOING” (CAA 2015 SIENA) will be held at the University of Siena in Italy from 30th March to 3rd April 2015.  The main themes of the conference include:  Field and laboratory data recording; Sematic, Data modelling, management and integration; Data analysis and visualisation; 3D modelling, visualisation and simulations; Spatio-temporal modelling and GIS; Remote sensing; Users and interfaces: education, museums and multimedia; Cultural heritage interpretation and modelling past urban and rural contexts; Theoretical issues, and the relation of CAA with the Digital Humanities; and Open software, open data.

Session 2C “Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data; following the ARIADNE thread“, aims to stimulate discussion between researchers and data specialists, and to:

  • Showcase best practices and relevant work supporting access and use of digital archaeology from ARIADNE and other services
  • Present case studies demonstrating innovative reuse of archaeological datasets
  • Develop an understanding of the challenges in providing access to research data and the opportunities offered by ARIADNE and other services
  • Discuss how these challenges can be addressed and how the opportunities can be maximized
  • Generate ideas for future training, access and research

The focus is on access, discovery and research reuse of archaeological datasets, and we would like to invite paper contributions are invited on the following (and related) topics:

  • 3D and Visualization
  • Remote Sensing and Spatial Data
  • Excavation and Monument Data
  • Scientific Datasets
  • Grey Literature
  • Linked Data
  • Design of Archaeological Datasets
  • Conversion of Legacy Datasets

Call for papers

The call for papers for CAA 2015 is open until 20th November 2014.

Please submit your paper for session 2C “Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data” in the online submission system: