The ARIADNE Project has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DCH-RP, DCH-RP (Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation), a coordination action supported by the European Commission under the e-Infrastructure Capacities Programme of Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7). The project  launched in October 2012 to look at best practice for preservation standards in use.

DCH-RP aim to harmonize data storage and preservation policies in the digital cultural heritage sector at European and international level, dealing with the storage phase which includes both long-term preservation and short-term preservation progress a dialogue among DCH-RP institutions,  e-Infrastructures, research and private organisations and integrate these efforts in a common work identify more suitable models for the governance, maintenance and sustainability for such infrastructure.

The main outcome will be a Roadmap for the implementation of a preservation federated e-infrastructure, supplemented by practical tools for decision makers. It will be validated through a range of proof of concepts, where cultural organisations and e-Infrastructure providers will work together on concrete experiments.

The aim of the agreement between ARIADNE and DCH-RP is to promote and support scientific collaboration between the Archaeological research Infrastructures and DCH-RP partners in order to share knowledge of digital preservation and to co-operate to the dissemination of the projects’ results. ARIADNE and DCH-RP will cooperate on a Proof of Concept to demonstrate how e-infrastructure can support the preservation of digital cultural heritage.