Joint Technical Meeting, Gothenburg 1

The 3rd ARIADNE Joint Technical Meeting was held in Gothenburg on 10th and 11th  September 2015. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the progress of the activities related to the design and implementation of the ARIADNE integrated platform and plan for its implementation. The workshop was coordinated by PIN and hosted by the Swedish National Data Service (SND). The meeting was attended by WP leaders and other key members of Work Packages 3,12,13,14,15 and 16.

After analysing the results achieved since the last Joint Technical Meeting in Siena six months ago, the discussion focused on the upcoming release of the data aggregation platform, the implementation of the functionality of resource discovery based on the Registry, the item based integration of coins archives provided by ARIADNE partners and the implementation of services.

Joint Technical Meeting Gothenburg 2

During the meeting, the activities related to the ingestion of data by content providers were also planned. Content providers will be assisted by the establishment of a set of help facilities intended to cover every phase of the operations. Thesauri and other terminology resources to be shared with legacy data were also discussed, together with the definition of entities related to space, time and subject, which will be used to strengthen integration.

Finally, the design of various interfaces intended to converge into the ARIADNE Portal was discussed. Some guidelines have already been agreed for this. Over the coming months, all these elements will integrated and implemented and accessed via the ARIADNE website.