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The ARIADNE Infrastructure featured prominently at the recent Digital Heritage Conference in Granada, Spain, with a workshop on 3D-HOP and two project-related papers.

ARIADNE partner, CNR-ISTI, contributed extensively to the organization and to the scientific program of the IEEE/EG Digital Heritage 2015 conference, held from 28th September 2nd October 2015, where Roberto Scopigno served as the International Programme Committee Co-Chair.

CNR-ISTI organized a tutorial on 3DHOP, which got a very good audience (more than 40 people) and allowed the presentation in detail of both the 3DHOP platform and the ARIADNE Visual Media Service. The workshop was entitled “3DHOP – Presenting Onine High-Res 3D Models: a Crash Course” and a brief description is at: http://www.ariadne-infrastructure.eu/Events/3D-HOP-Digital-Heritage-2015.

CNR-ISTI has also presented three technical papers, two of them developed using ARIADNE technology:

  • Alchemy in 3D – A Digitization for a Journey Through Matter – Marco Callieri, Paolo Pingi, Marco Potenziani, Matteo Dellepiane, Gaia Pavoni, Aurelia Lureau, Roberto Scopigno. 2015 Digital Heritage International Congress – Vol. 1 (Proc. of), Volume 1, page 223-231 – 2015 (the Alchemy paper was among the selected best papers)
  • Digital Study and Web – based Documentation of the Colour and Gilding on Ancient Marble Artworks – Eliana Siotto, Gianpaolo Palma, Marco Potenziani, Roberto Scopigno
    2015 Digital Heritage International Congress – Vol. 1 (Proc. of), Volume 1, page 239-246 – 2015

Both these are using the 3DHOP platform, that is a component of the services shared with the ARIADNE community and addressed in the TNA summer school on 3D Documentation.

In addition, ARIADNE partners OEAW were also presenting on one of their research topics with a paper entitled “Digitizing Early Farming Cultures: Customizing the Arches Heritage Inventory & Management System”. The Arches initiative was featured in the ARIADNE Newsletter No. 3.

All in all, Digital Heritage 2015 saw the participation of many ARIADNE members and to meet with many researcher and professionals working on Archaeology. It was an ideal vehicle for dissemination and for contacting our community.