Keith May at ARIADNE Workshop CAA 2015

Keith May at ARIADNE Workshop CAA 2015

ARIADNE hosted a very successful workshop at CAA 2015 in Siena on 2nd April entitled ”Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data”. Following an open call for papers, a selection of related topics were presented by both ARIADNE partners and external speakers to an audience of around 80 people.

The first paper by Nikolaos Kazakis and Nestor Tsirliganis from CETI covered archaeological datasets and Gisli Palsson then talked about how the Institute of Archaeology,Iceland, bridged the gaps between fieldwork, laboratory analysis and online archiving.

 Keith May who acts as Information Strategy Advisor to Historic England and English Heritage, gave a paper entitled “Paths through the Labyrinth: Finding ways to express data from differing search and reuse”, a central theme underlying the aims of the ARIADNE Infrastructure. Another external experience with Linked Open Data was contributed by Angela Trentacoste,Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Eric C. Kansa, Anthony Tuck who presented a case study on Etruscans and animal remains (zooarchaeology).

After the coffee break, the workshop continued with Stephen Stead, Dominic Oldman and Jonathan Whitson Cloud who presented their annotation work on the Sloane catalogues and the topic of representing time and space in the annotation of museum catalogues. Project partners Maria Theodoridou and Martin Doerr from FORTH and Edeltraud Aspöck and Anja Masur from OEAW covered archaeological databases to CIDOC-CRM.The Presentations continued with Ceri Binding and Douglas Tudhope (UoG) on the subject of connecting ARIADNE vocabularies for data integration and cross search and the progress the project has made with this. Finally,the workshop concluded with two demonstrations ofservices available through the project, the Ariadne Media Service (Matteo Dellepiane, Federico Ponchio, MarcoCallieri and Roberto Scopigno) and 3D-HOP(Fabrizio Galeazzi, Marco Callieri, Matteo Dellepiane,Roberto Scopigno and Julian Richards ADS), which CNRS has developed for the streamed display of 3D models and is also useful for looking at archived 3D data.

The four Chairs, Julian Richards and Holly Wright (ADS),Franco Niccolucci and Kate Fernie (PIN) were delighted with the good reception and packed audience at theworkshop now that ARIADNE is starting to make a significant impact on the archaeological community.