The Archaeological Research Practices and Methods SIG aims to bring together expertise, take stock of the current state-of-the-art, promote dialogue on, and communicate the evolving knowledge of how actual archaeological research, its diversity across sub-disciplines, fields, theoretical and methodological approaches, its methods, infrastructures and contexts, inform and are informed by information and digital technology, through empirical examination of the current situation and (prospective foresight) of a five- and ten-year horizon in the future.

The focus of its work will be to investigate the information practices in which archaeologists engage, covering the full research life cycle, from the identification of a research question (or topic) to scholarly/scientific publication and public communication. The SIG will attempt to become the prime public clearing house and forum for information exchange, discussion and communication regarding the study, representation and communication of archaeological research practices in the digital realm.

Further information about the objectives and scope of the  Archaeological Research Practices and Methods SIG can be found in the Charter Document (PDF).

Contact information

Chair: Costis Dallas Email.
Co-chair: Agiatis Benardou Email.


  • A SIG report is currently under preparation, to synthesize the output of the 2016 Expert Forum with the results of the 2015 Expert Forum,  aiming to address future digital archaeological research and data curation practices,  and thus to contribute to an evidence-based view on future requirements of digital research infrastructures.
  • A second Expert Forum, on The future of archaeological knowledge curation 2021-2026, was organized on 16-17 June 2016 in Athens. The Forum was based on a scenario building methodology, whereby participating experts collaborated to identify major affordances and use scenarios for four speculative digital infrastructures of the future, addressing the challenges of curating legacy archaeological data and resources digitally. Website.
  • In the context of the CAA2016 conference in Oslo, the SIG chair and co-chair co-organized a round table session on Unstable futures/potential pasts: Scenarios for digital computing 2020, and presented there a brief summary of the results of the 2015 Athens Expert Forum. Several SIG members participated in the round table. Presentation slides.
  • An Expert Forum on Digital Futures of Archaeological Practice 2020-2025 was co-organized with members of the CAA “grand challenges” initiative in Athens, on 2-3 July 2015. Website.
  • The ARP&M SIG met for the first time during the CAA2014 conference in Paris, on 22 April 2014.