The University of Glamorgan (UoG) is an academic institution located at Pontypridd, Wales in the UK. The Hypermedia Research Unit (HRU) is a long standing research group within the Faculty of Advanced Technology, with a focus on semantic hypermedia and Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS). A significant track record in UK research council funding has seen major grants from ESRC, EPSRC and AHRC, as well as various JISC and transatlantic Digging into Data projects.

The Hypermedia Research Unit at the Glamorgan has a track record in semantic knowledge organization. The recent AHRC-funded STARSTELLAR and SENESCHAL projects on semantic interoperability in digital archaeology were in collaboration with English Heritage and the Archaeology Data Service and are relevant to ARIADNE.

STAR and STELLAR investigated the use of semantic techniques to link digital archive databases, vocabularies and associated grey literature. A research Demonstrator (available online), cross searches over excavation datasets from different database schemas, including Raunds Roman, Raunds Prehistoric, Museum of London, Silchester Roman and Stanwick sampling.

The system additionally cross searches over an extract of excavation reports from the OASIS index of grey literature. A conceptual framework provided by the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM) integrates the different database structures and the metadata automatically generated from the OASIS reports by natural language processing techniques. The STELLAR project provides freely available tools to reduce the costs of mapping and extracting data to semantic search systems and to linked data representation generally.

Article: Connecting Archaeological Data and Grey Literature via Semantic Cross Search


Douglas Tudhope

Ceri Binding

Andreas Vlachidis

Further background

The Hypermedia research unit has been active in the NKOS (Networked Knowledge Organization Systems and Services) network and has co-organised several NKOS workshops at Digital Library conferences.

The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (Taylor and Francis) has been edited from the HRU since 1997.

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