Incipit · CSIC will contribute to Ariadne in two major ways. Firstly, it will be a provider of existing technology and know-how. Firstly, technologies such as ConML (, a conceptual modelling language especially designed for the humanities and social sciences, or CHARM, the Cultural Heritage Abstract Reference Model (, will be contributed to the project team as an instrument to model archaeological information; this includes training in modelling itself, our expertise in modelling complex archaeological problems, and a commitment to release straight into the project team any new outcomes related to this area that we may develop in the future over the life time of the project. Secondly, Incipit will provide their know-how regarding the study and interpretation of cultural heritage in general and the archaeological record in particular, with an emphasis in the integration of disciplinary approaches and the design and management of complex information systems in this area.

As an additional contribution, Incipit may be able to contribute some data sets to the project; however, this will need to be negotiated with several stakeholders as the possibility for doing so is subject to legal limitations.