Institute of Archaeology AS CR in Prague is a research institution focusing on the area of prehistoric, medieval and modern archaeology. The main tasks of the Institute concern the obtainment and analysis of new archaeological resources, the development of archaeological theory, methodology and informatics, and archaeological heritage management.

At present, new theoretical and methodological approaches to the collection and analysis of archaeological finds are applied, in correspondence with current European trends. Field research concentrates to non-destructive methods and to rescue excavations on sites under threat. The prominent fields of interest are aerial photography (the Institute owns an aircraft), geophysics, archaeological survey, digitization of the archives, prehistoric settlement, artefact taphonomy, Early Medieval centers and Medieval castles, long-term excavations within the Prague Castle, etc. Among other topics, geoarchaeology as well as bioarchaeology, e.g. archeogenetics, paleobotany or paleopathology, are developed. Archaeological archives widely use database systems supported by the GIS tools. The Institute plays a specific role within the field of archaeological heritage management (agenda of rescue excavations following building activities, central archives, etc.) and keeps the largest archaeological library in the CR.

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The aim of Czech partner within the ARIADNE project is:

(1) to revise the collection of archaeological aerial phototographs (10-20 thousand snaps?) and to structure the data into a database system of (i) flights; (ii) sites and (iii) snaps;

(2) to localize all sites on a topographic map;

(3) to translate all basic information (sites, features, etc.) into English;

(4) to create an on-line presentation system of the above mentioned information.


Website: Institute of Archaeology AS CR