Founded in Timisoara, in 2006, the Arheovest Association focuses on archaeological research in Banat region, mainly applying innovative investigation methods, public archaeology and activities with the local community. Its primary objectives are:

  • research and protection of the archaeological heritage of Banat
  • promoting archaeology and archaeological findings to the public as well as the scientific world
  • training and specialization of students and archaeology enthusiasts in the domain of interdisciplinary archaeology

The Arheovest Association has members from various backgrounds: archaeology, history, geography, ethnography, computer science, architecture, cartography, law, mass-media, etc, united by their interest and passion for archaeology and history.

The role of Arheovest in Ariadne will be to provide content related to the archaeology of the Banat region, in particular survey data, remote sensing data and descriptions of archaeological sites of the region. Moreover, it will contribute with scientific information regarding remote sensing applications in archaeology and the adoption of Ariadne outcomes in the Romanian archaeology.