Other publications relevant to ARIADNE.

Technical reports and specifications

Gonzalez-Perez, C. and C. Hug (2014) “ConML Technical Specification” version 1.4.3 (30 April 2014), available from http://www.conml.org/Resources_TechSpec.aspx

Gonzalez-Perez, C (2013) “CHARM White Paper” version 1.0.3 (22 November 2013), available from http://www.charminfo.org/Resources/Technical.aspx

Gonzalez-Perez, C (2013) “CHARM Extension Guidelines” version 1.0.1 (22 November 2013), available from http://www.charminfo.org/Resources/Technical.aspx

Case studies

Geser, G. (2016): Towards a Web of Archaeological Linked Open Data. ARIADNE WP15 Study. V1.0, 6 October 2016. Salzburg Research, Austria. Download PDF.

Štular, Benjamin (2015): Archiving of archaeological digital datasets in Slovenia. Current practices. Report for the ARIADNE project. Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC-SAZU), Institute of Archaeology, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2015. Download PDF.

Carver, G. (2012) ArcheoInf, the CIDOC-CRM and STELLAR: Workflow, Bottlenecks, and Where do we Go from Here?, CAA2012 Proceedings of the 40th Conference in Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Southampton, United Kingdom, 26-30 March 2012.  Pre-print