This report It presents results of the work carried out in Task 12.4 Testing.The tasks of WP12 Implementing Interoperability aim to specify use requirements and design for the ARIADNE infrastructure and to implement and test that design. Task 12.4 is comprised of testing the integrated infrastructure built in Task 12.3 Implementing Integration, based on the requirements and design specified in Task 12.1 Use Requirements and 12.2 Infrastructure Design. This document augments the synthesis of requirements and design given in D12.2 with the infrastructure implemented in D12.3 and tests the implementation against the requirements specified. Each requirement is outlined with the infrastructural tools and/or services designed to meet it and a brief overview of the implementation documented in 12.3. Recommendations are made based on this analysis. The general use requirements are addressed in the first instance, followed by more specific requirements addressing integration activities.The initial infrastructure implementation has met many of the requirements specified.