The DCCD is the primary archaeological/historical tree-ring (meta)data network existing in Europe. It became operational in 2011 and includes Belgian, Danish, Dutch, German, Latvian, Polish, and Spanish laboratories, which provide data in a manner that suits shared and individual research agendas.

The DCCD contains measurement series of different wood species derived from objects and sites dating between 6000 BC and the present. All data sets are described by very detailed metadata according to the newly developed international dendrochronological data standard TRiDaS (Jansma et al. 2010). The collection is derived by research from archaeological sites (including old landscapes), shipwrecks, historical architecture an mobile heritage (e.g. paintings, furniture).


Provided by: KNAW-DANS

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Digital Collaboratory for Cultural Dendrochronology (DCCD) project:

Information about the availability of the open source software for the DCCD-repository is available here