This workshop will introduce archaeological researchers to strategies for effective data management and planning, alongside a tour of some of the online data resources available to researchers, particularly through the new EC Infrastructures ARIADNE project.

Surveys indicate that across all disciplines currently only 6-8% of researchers make data openly available. Reasons include a perceived lack of academic reward for data sharing, and concerns that data might be misused or misinterpreted. Yet the obstacles can be overcome and benefits gained through tackling critical requirements and adopting good practices of data publication. This topic will be outlined by Guntram Geser from Salzburg Research, Austria, followed by a session featuring perspectives from representatives of the Swedish National Data Service (SND), Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) in The Netherlands, and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) in the UK. The second session will include presentations by the three ARIADNE partners providing online access to their data: the ADS, ARACHNE at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), and Fasti Online at the International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC). These organizations will showcase the data they have available and discuss how researchers use it, also illustrating the benefit to archaeologists of making data openly available.



The workshop will be held on the Campus of University of West Bohemia at Plzeň-Bory (Univerzitní 18, Plzeň) where EAA is taking place. The campus is conveniently located near to the main accommodation facility Parkhotel and easy to access by the public transport from the city centre.

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