Earlier this year, ARIADNE carried out an extensive survey to identify the Network’s user requirements for kind of e-infrastructures, tools and services to be provided. This consisted of two online questionnaires, one targeted at archaeological researchers and directors of research institutions, and the second targeted the managers or directors of data repositories. 692 researchers and 52 repository managers completed the questionnaires.

User needs

The survey addressed the types of source data used by researchers and its availability online, asking about levels of awareness of available repositories and the challenges faced in searching for data. Deposition and management of data after project completion and the challenges faced by repository managers covered the issues faced by data providers. Both groups of stakeholders were asked about their expectations for ARIADNE. These findings were then used to formulate a set of recommendations for the infrastructure and services that ARIADNE should provide.

The full survey report and a summary of the results may be downloaded from the Resources page.