CAA Recycle Award

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CAA is launching an annual Recycle Award to recognize those who breathe new life into old data.  The award will be presented jointly to the best example of data re-use presented at the CAA International Conference and the project or institution that made the data available.

CAA believes that any vibrant discipline must continually return to its own roots and re-evaluate legacy data if it is to progress. Furthermore, in the field of Archaeology it provides a far less destructive means of researching the past, and maximizes the return on resources invested in fieldwork. Digital technologies have a particularly strong role to play in this regard, thanks to their ability to synthesize large volumes of information and because they often apply new techniques unavailable to the original investigators.

How to enter

Projects must be nominated during the CAA conference registration process (self-nomination is encouraged).

The origin of the data must be indicated; the data originators need not be present at the conference to be eligible.

The recycling project must have applied a digital technology or technique to the original data not envisaged by the originator to either a) discover new information about it, or b) increase its value to researchers and/or the general public.

For information about the award see: