The Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to present the inaugural Award for Outstanding Work in Digital Archaeology to Fasti Online. Fasti Online is a pioneering online scholarly resource.

The site serves as a peer-reviewed open access journal where preliminary and interim excavation reports can be published. It is a model for what an online resource should be in terms of research, scholarship, accessibility and sustainability.

The site’s value lies in its elegant simplicity, both conceptually and practically. Fasti Online gives up-to-date season-by-season reporting for more than 3,000 excavations in 13 different countries. These form an online database searchable by free text in any of the participating languages. The excavation records include brief descriptions and are accompanied by extensive bibliographies and photographs. The records are created in conjunction with national universities and archaeological services. Thus, the sits is generated from the participant countries rather than from outside institutions. As a result, it is multilingual, making it accessible beyond the Anglophone world. The site has made the reporting of archaeological research more immediate and much more accessible both to the field and to the general public.

Fasti Online is a most deserving recipient of the inaugural Award for Outstanding Work in digital Archaeology