FASTI Online has won the first AIA award for outstanding work in digital archaeology!

Recognizing that digital technologies are driving important changes in archaeology, the Archaeological Institute of America established this new award for outstanding work in digital archaeology to honour groups, projects and individuals that use digital technology in novel ways to innovate in excavation, research, teaching, publication or outreach.

The award will be presented to Elizabeth Fentress of AIAC on behalf of FASTI Online at the AIA and APA annual meeting in Chicago on January 3rd.

FASTI online

FASTI online is a project of the International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC) and the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy of the University of Texas at Austin (CSAI).  It provides a database of excavations in the area of the Roman empire which have taken place since 2000 providing a record in English and in the local language for each season.

The project is supported by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiBAC), the Classical Association, the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, the Ukrainian Studies Fund of Harvard UniversityL – P : Archaeology and Baron Lorne Thyssen.  Members in participating countries are responsible for uploading information about excavations in their area to FASTI Online.

AIAC and FASTI Online are partners in ARIADNE, the project to a research data infrastructure for archaeology.