2016 class of the 3D summer school listening to a tutor

The third edition “2D/3D Documentation for Archaeology” summer school was hosted by CNR-ISTI in Pisa from the 20th to 24th June 2016 as part of ARIADNE’s programme of trans-national access to the infrastructure.

The goal of this school was to offer participants a structured course on visual media technologies with practical hands-on sessions to test and experiment with the technologies themselves.

Image of a light dome for RTI acquisition with Marco Callieri deomonstrating

Marco Callieri demonstrrating a light dome for RTI acquisition

Matteo Dellepiane and Marco Callieri were the main tutors from CNR-ISTI leading the summer school.  The course introduced:

  •  technologies for producing 2D and 3D documentation for archaeological purposes, including both small scale objects (artefacts, finds, etc.) and large scale monuments and sites; and
  • methodologies for providing visual access to the data, including both desktop and web-based visualization.

Individual work was an important part of the experience.  Participants were asked to bring research projects or tasks to accomplish during the school while the TNA tutors were on hand to offer their expertise and advice.   The projects under discussion were very varied concerning both large scale acquisition and modelling (castles and architecture), medium scale (megalithic rocks with inscriptions) and small scale finds management (archeological excavation finds, lithic artefacts, ceramics).  The participants received suggestions and advice on how to progress with their projects and had an opportunity to practice with the technologies being demonstrated on their own case studies.

Summer school participants enjoying the social dinner

The twelve school participants were selected by a committee of experts after responding to our call for applications.

We’re delighted to report that the school was a great success and that all the participants give us positive feedback at the end of the course.

With thanks to Francesca De Mitry for her administrative support and organization.

The programme for the school: http://www.ariadne-infrastructure.eu/Transnational-Access/2016-TNA-Call/TNA-school-3D-Pisa