The Linked Data SIG will address issues concerning the low take-up as yet of linked data in archaeological and related institutions and the need for broader awareness/experience in the archaeological domain. Additionally, there is a need for easy to use tools (and APIs) for working with linked data and offering useful (web) services.

The current Linked Data Working Document, released July 2014, is available for download.

Contact information

Chair: Douglas Tudhope (UoG). Email.

The second Linked Data SIG meeting was held at CAA, Paris in April. This meeting discussed the publication and mapping between KOS (especially thesauri), linking of thesauri with the CIDOC CRM (e.g. the CRM extension for archaeology – CRMarchaeo), and special cases like time periods. Other specific items covered included gazetteers, persons and canonical text references.  Download the Minutes from the second meeting held at CAA, Paris in April 2014.

The Linked Data SIG Kick-off meeting was held at EAA. The participants discussed challenges in Linked Data (LD), potential focus areas of the LD SIG, and relations to other groups working in this field. Download the Minutes of the first meeting held at EAA, Pilsen in September 2013.


October 2016 

A study “Towards a Web of Archaeological Linked Open Data” has been produced by SIG member Guntram Geser (Salzburg Research, Austria). The study investigates why there is little uptake of Linked Data in archaeology, identifies requirements for a wider adoption, and gives recommendations on how to meet them.

March 2016

A special issue on Networked Knowledge Organization Systems has been published in Springer’s International Journal on Digital Libraries 17(1) with 3 papers directly reporting on ARIADNE related work and another paper discussing PeriodO. The paper “Improving interoperability using vocabulary linked data” is directly related to the work and output of this SIG. See

September 2015

The 14th NKOS workshop (on 18 Sept at TPDL 2015 in Poznan in Sept) was highly relevant to the SIG with several presentations on vocabulary mapping (available at Franco Niccolucci presented on linking space and time in archaeology. Doug Tudhope presented results to date from the ARIADNE vocabulary mapping work via the Getty AAT, including mapping outcomes from ARIADNE partners ADS, DANS, FASTI, OEAW, SND. Ryan Shaw presented on PeriodO, the temporal spine for linking between the different time periods used by ARIADNE data providers. Lena-Luise Stahn presented on mapping experiments conducted at DAI. Further information on the NKOS network can be found at

July 2015

The Pelagios Linked Pasts two day workshop at Kings College London 20-21 July ( brought together a wide variety of LD activity from the wider community, all relevant to ARIADNE. Since it was hosted by the Pelagios project (and co-organised by SIG member Leif Isaksen), the theme was representation of space and time. Holly Wright, Ceri Binding and Doug Tudhope from ADS and USW gave an update on ARIADNE work with Paul Cripps and Keith May also participating. Holly has provided a very helpful blog on the event with links to the different LD projects presented (/news-2/ariadne-at-linked-pasts/).

July 2015

Ceri Binding and Doug Tudhope participated in the ISKO-UK biannual conference at UCL London 13-14 July: Knowledge Organization – making a difference ( Ceri presented on ARIADNE experience to date using the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) as a mediating structure to interconnect multilingual vocabularies originating from ARIADNE data providers, including the LD mapping tool he has developed for ARIADNE ( Many of the presentations concerned LD issues, including Phil Carlisle on the ARCHES reference data management tool; Caterina Caracciolo on FAO experience with Agrovoc and VocBench; André Florent on a SKOS based vocabulary management and mapping tool from the AthenaPlus project.

April 2015

The annual CAA conference, this year in Sienna, saw much of relevance to the LD SIG. In particular, the ARIADNE workshop ”Supporting researchers in the use and reuse of archaeological data” (/news-2/ariadne-at-caa-2015/) included presentations by SIG members Ceri Binding, Keith May, Maria Theodoridou. From the wider LD community, Angela Trentacoste,Sarah Whitcher Kansa, Eric C. Kansa, Anthony Tuck presented a zooarchaeology case study. Stephen Stead, Dominic Oldman and Jonathan Whitson Cloud discussed annotations in the museum domain.

February 2015

ARIADNE’s CRMarchaeo was discussed at the CIDOC CRM Sig meeting on 9-12 February at the Oxford University e-Research Centre, Oxford. Members from FORTH, PIN and USW participated.

2014 news

Getty Vocabulary LOD initiative have published the TGN (Thesaurus of Geographic Names) in addition to the Art and Architecture Thesaurus as freely available Linked  Open Data. Releases of ULAN and CONA LOD are planned. Initial use of the Getty vocabularies have been reported informally from Europeana related projects.

Douglas Tudhope chaired the NKOS workshop at TPDL/JCDL in Sept 2014 at City University London, which had a special focus on mapping between vocabularies.  Ceri Binding (also USW/UoG) presented (“5 star data – achieving the 5th star”) on mapping issues between vocabulary Linked Data, using UK HeritageData vocabularies as an example. Participants agreed to try and take forward issues from the mapping discussion.

This was preceded by a related workshop in June 2014 an ISKO/IRSG/DCMI “Making Metadata Work” workshop took place in London. A Workshop Report: Vocabularies and the potential for linkage is available

HeritageData archaeological Linked Open Data vocabularies continues with governance transferred from the initial SENESCHAL project to the FISH Terminology Working Group

The Arches Project has announced Version 3 of its open source Arches heritage inventory and management system for Feb 2015. “Arches is a new open-source geospatial software system for cultural heritage inventory and management, developed jointly by the Getty Conservation Institute  and World Monuments Fund.”