There are eight Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which each address a specific topic for further investigation and research within ARIADNE.

Each SIG has the following objectives:

  • To survey the state of the art of research on their specific theme with a focus on issues concerning the creation and use of related datasets, availability of open-source tools, FAQs, etc.
  • To  produce focused input for the Users’ Needs Report and the Innovation Agenda (medium and long-term scenarios for the impact of ARIADNE on the archaeological research framework and methodologies),
  • To contribute to the analysis of the outcomes of the User Needs Survey e.g. how the available dataset infrastructure supports research on a specific theme (e.g. dendrochronology) and which are the related existing or unsatisfied needs,
  • To provide input to the project repository concerning software to be stored and/or linked to,
  • To provide directions for training and to suggest good practices in the relevant field, leading to the publication of specific “Guides”.

Associate members are very welcome to join the SIGs – please contact the relevant Co-ordinator to be registered as a member and to be included in the discussions.

  1. 3D & Visualization
  2. Archaeological Research Practices & Methods
  3. Remote Sensing & Spatial Data
  4. Scientific Data
  5. Excavation & Monument Data
  6. Grey Literature
  7. Linked Data
  8. Semantics & Metadata