Ariadne is a research infrastructure funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework programme.  We are also a network of institutions and individuals with an interest in archaeological research datasets and we invite others to join this network.

Becoming an associated partner

Institutions wishing to take an active role in supporting the project activities, for example by making available datasets to the infrastructure, can become an associated partner by exchanging a formal collaboration agreement with PIN on behalf of the ARIADNE network.  The ARIADNE consortium has a limited amount of funding available to support the participation of external experts from associate partners at project meetings, for example for reimbursement of travel expenses. We will include links to your institution website on the associated partner page in the about section of the ARIADNE website.

Becoming an associated project

Projects or initiatives who are active in the field of archaeological research datasets and wish to collaborate with ARIADNE, for example by exchanging news or by collaborating in training or other events, without exchanging a formal collaboration agreement can become associated projects.  We will include links to your project website on the associated projects page in the community section of the ARIADNE website.


Individual experts are welcome to attend ARIADNE events, workshops and training workshops. We will advertise details of forthcoming events through the ARIADNE newsletter, the @Ariadne_Network twitter feed and also via our LinkedIN discussion forum, and we encourage you to register.

Each year, Ariadne advertises calls for European researchers to apply for Transnational Access grants to support travel and subsistence costs in accessing three leading research laboratories (including PINISTI-CNR and the Athena Research and Innovation Centre) who participate in the ARIADNE research infrastructure.  A programme of annual summer schools is planned.

If you are interested in following ARIADNE you can:

  • follow us in Twitter  @Ariadne_Network or
  • join our LinkedIn discussion forum

Special Interest Groups

There are nine Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that associates are welcome to join and participate in. The SIG meetings are either organised at convenient events (e.g. conferences where several members are attending) or by virtual meetings (Skype or similar).

More about the SIGs.