Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) was established in 1981. In its present form as a network of seventeen institutes with some 300 researchers and technicians, ZRC SAZU has developed into the leading Slovenian research center in the humanities and a cutting-edge academic institution in central, eastern, and southeast Europe. It primarily conducts research on a broad variety of topics connected with natural and cultural heritage in Slovenia. ZRC SAZU has its own publishing house, bookstore, and audio-visual laboratory; it houses the Geographical Museum, and boasts numerous digital collections. Among its rich publishing activity, five research journals listed in the Thomson Reuters indices are especially noteworthy. The staff has experience in international cooperation, including FP7, LIFE+, and transnational cooperation projects.

As the leading research center for archaeology in Slovenia Institute of Archaeology ZRC SAZU( ranks as the cutting-edge academic institutions in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The Institute comprises of an independent network of researchers and technicians who are joined in highly qualified and well-rounded research teams. Members of the Institute have published numerous synthesis works, resulting in over fifty monographs ( The results of the long-term systematic research are also numerous data bases (, among which the ARKAS ( and ZBIVA ( databases – all Slovenian archaeological sites and Early Medieval sites of South-Eastern Alps, respectively – are most noteworthy.

In addition to the wide spectrum of basic and applied research, the researchers continuously deal with the development of new research methodologies, especially in the field of archaeological science. We have been involved at various stages of the development of GIS and geophysical research in archaeology in past two decades.