ARIADNE Main Activities

Community building and dissemination

ARIADNE aims to create a community of use fostering the creation, sharing, use and reuse of digital data:

  • Liaise with National & International initiatives
  • Identify current and future stakeholder needs and requirements to enhance services
  • Raise awareness of ARIADNE and related research infrastructures
  • Promote standards and good practices in data sharing
  • Offer training on data issues and use of the research infrastructure
  • Publish strategy results, scientific results, guidance and other materials

Transnational access

Designated expert facilities within the project consortium will provide transnational access to enable the next generation of researchers to develop the skills by and expertise within
several key areas of archaeological data collection, management and integration.  Calls for transnational access will be advertised.

  • Enable users to co-work with experts in critical phases of their research
  • Allow effective use of the research infrastructure
  • Support innovative investigations

Joint research activities – developing advanced integrated services

  • Interoperability – Adapting and integrating existing infrastructure into ARIADNE.  This activity includes analysing, selecting, designing and deploying tools and API services to enable access to integrated resources. 
  • Developing integrated services – This activity involves designing and building the components of the infrastructure to enhance and improve services to researchers.
  • Addressing complexity – Developing extensions to the CIDOC-CRM for specific archaeological subdomains.  Integrating complex entities and relations enabling more accurate documentation of complex situations. Models will be tested on real world case studies to test their practical suitability.
  • Linked archaeological data – Developing and providing semantic tools for annotating, linking and browsing datasets across ARIADNE. Developing semantic services enabling the creation of mash-ups according to individual research needs. Advising and supporting ARIADNE data providers in the creation and publishing of Linked Data of their datasets
  • Data mining and natural language processing – providing tools and procedures to apply data mining techniques to the integrated infrastructure.  To review the indexing and searching of texts (typically grey literature) in an automatic way.
  • Innovative in archaeological research methodology – to collect and systematically review innovative archaeological research frameworks including eResearch and assess their current application.

The existence of the Integrated Infrastructure will stimulate the creation of new datasets and services, based on the innovative tools, services and methodologies . The integration of existing datasets, the creation of new ones and the production of synthetic work will generate a continuous and structured stream of data for archaeological research.